Biochemistry is all about bio-chemical reactions. It is the most preferable branch among the biology students. Global opportunities and increasing scope has made this branch very popular among students.

Biochemistry student has to study bio-chemical reaction’s mechanisms, enzymes, drug principles, drug analysis, plant and human physiology. They study immune system, antibody, antigens, photosynthesis, proteins, carbohydrates structures, etc.  Students spend most of their time in labs while performing various experiments related to physiology.

Biochemistry is more of a practical subject than theory. Blood, urine, saliva, etc are examined for hours in labs and then students have to come up with reports and assignments for the same which summarize the whole experiment. Students feel bit comfortable while performing experiments but when it comes to prepare reports and long assignments they get irritated and often go for copy it from internet or old reports. This leads to plagiarism and ineffective reports.

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