Most common question that comes to everyone’s mind before starting a new work is – how to start that work and so is the question in every students mind- Why and how to learn data structure? Data structure is the way of storing a data in a logical way so that one can use it effectively. Structures make the algorithm easier to learn and much faster. For the second question-HOW, you can contact us 24*7.

We have experts on every type of data structure whether it is linked list, stack, array, queue, tree or graphand many more topics related to data structures. Our main focus is on complexity and time-space trade-off of an algorithm because these two decide the efficiency of any data structure.


Second important thing to learn in data structures is SORTING AND SEARCHING. When a student thinks over it he gets confused ‘which technique should I use?’ In this dilemma he prefers less complex algorithm and forgets the concept of time-space trade-off.

Our team will guide you to choose a technique which supports the data to be searched or sorted and best suitable for the operations to be performed over it.For example the search time of each technique-insertion sort, selection sort, binary search, merge sort, Radix sort all depend on the number of elements of the data while Hash addressing is independent of number of elements.


We have experts from professional life familiar with every language so don’t hesitate in sharing your doubts in C, C++ or JavaScript. Apart from your doubts we will also let you know the differences of coding a structure in different languages.

Also you can share your old projects, lectures and class notes with us.