Essay being the most essential part of the academic career holds its position at top in contributing for good grades. Essay can affect your grades to much extent as it cover a major portion of overall marks. Sometime students have lots of ideas, they collect lots of information regarding any topic but when they sit to write an essay they cannot understand how to structure those ideas and pile of information in an organized way. Essay framework is basically a format that tells how the information should be properly structured and organized so that it can convey the message to the reader and can attend his or her logic.

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Aim of writing any essay is to convince the reader and convey the message that can attend her or his logic. Three basic questions must be in mind while writing any essay: WHAT, HOW and WHY. The very obvious sections any essay must have are introduction, body and conclusion. Students generally get confused in organizing WHAT, HOW and WHY sections. Students often lack good phrases and don’t know how to start an argument. They do not know how and where to place any counterargument that’s why their essay often lacks proper sequence and hence fails to convince the reader. If you have any such query you can contact us. We are 24×7 available to help and guide you. Our team experts share their rich knowledge and experience and help you in the best possible way.