Linux is a UNIX-compatible open source operating system designed by Linus Torvalds in 90’s. It is almost everywhere around us in our phones laptops, PC’s, super computers, refrigerators, routers, modems etc. It is famous among common developers because it is a free, fast, robust and more stable Operating System than windows.

Hence study of Linux operating system is an essential part for a computer application student. Initially students treat Linux and Unix as same thing. Also Students find it difficult to learn the use of Linux directory commands and often get confused as Linux commands are case sensitive. We offer you the best way of learning Linux by providing you more than one example of each directory in different contexts.

As an operating system is a manager for a whole device it is essential for a learner to get his basics clear. We have team of experts on every topic- Linux directories, files, input output redirection etc. i.e. every topic related to Linux who will share their rich knowledge and help you out in solving your problems and clearing your doubts. We start from the very basic and most important concepts of Linux- shell and kernel. Linux confuses a student because everything in Linux is a file whether it is text file, image, compiled program or a hardware device driver and directory.


If you have any doubt or you want to learn Linux in a very simple and effective language, come to us and enhance your knowledge. Our experts will guide you in a best possible way. You can approach us 24*7.