Thermodynamics is the sub branch that falls under mechanical engineering and is the most preferable option for students to pursue higher education in this field. Thermodynamics mainly deal with heat and work. Study of combustion, thermal energy generation, principle of combustion engines, different forms of heat and work, entropy, enthalpy all comes under thermodynamics.

At higher level thermodynamics go in parallel with fluid mechanics. Students have to perform thermodynamics analysis of different systems and then have to submit report for the same. Thermodynamics reports are bit different from other reports as they contain more of a numerical part than theory. The thermal analysis involves the basic laws of physics, mathematics and thermal science. But only performing the analysis is not the key to good grades.

One should also organize the whole report in logical sense so that it can be read and understand easily. Students just finish up the analysis and pile it up as it without organizing it in proper sequence. This leads to poor performance and low grades. Sometime it is very frustrating to perform those long analyses and then organizing the whole content in logical sense. It consumes lot of time and energy and always very irritating for students especially from technical field.

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