Essay is not only an integral part of any academic course but today it is also a part of industrial case studies, medical case studies, marketing, business, survey reports, real scenario judicial cases, statement of purpose,  etc. But since everyone is out of the time always, so they are in erroneous habit of copy and paste. They try to surf internet for hours and look for the content for their essay. In universities and colleges, students are in habit of copying the whole text from their collogues.

Often a single person writes the whole class or group of students copy that text as it. This is sheer ignorance and fails to serve the purpose for which these essays are given to them. Students are not guided for these essay writing practices and often working people lack proper guidance for writing any reports and essay that’s why they always look for some shortcuts.

These habits often result in ineffective and worthless piece of writing. Plagiarized essays are always discarded and inacceptable at any level whether in university or in company.

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